Get Published

Aspiring authors can email us a synopsis of their work at

While submitting manuscripts, please take following points under consideration:

1. While submitting synopsis, use double spaced, plain white paper. The fonts should be clear and readable. Avoid using fancy fonts.
2. While submitting synopsis / manuscript in Hindi, via email, please send it in PDF file format.
3. Your name and contact information should be clearly stated on the first page of your submission.
4. Synopsis should include at least three sample chapter of your book, for evaluation.
5. Do not send us original copy of manuscript as a synopsis. If your synopsis gets approved by our editorial team, then we would require the entire manuscript for further reading. In case, of any loss or damage to the submitted work, QFORD will not be held responsible.
6. Manuscripts will not be returned to the authors, irrespective of the outcome of the review process.
7. Our publishing schedule is full for this year, and all the manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication at a later date. Therefore immediate responses to queries regarding manuscript submissions will not be possible.